Meltem Baby and Teenager Rooms established business strategies that will have its quality standards to the highest level within the modular furniture sector that it is carrying out its activities while ensuring a customer satisfaction focused understanding and sustainable quality, brand value and sectoral leadership.

Our human resources department aim to develop the methods and systems that will motivate, manage and develop human resources that can provide all kinds of advantages that will assist in reaching these strategies on a constant basis and apply these in accordance with its corporate principles.

Our human resources policies are determined by providing flexibility towards our company’s special circumstances and requirements.

Our Fundamental Human Resources Policy:  While making these policies, the fundamental objective is to determine our company’s main perspective that is based on the practices and priorities derived from our company’s human resources management policies.

The employee that will provide a competitive advantage:

·        To become an employer that is preferred by the qualified workforce that will carry our company to the future,

·        Receiving maximum benefits from our personnel’s capabilities and productivity,

·        Selecting the personnel that is most appropriate with the work to be done and hiring these personnel.

These are the objectives of Human Resources.

Investing in the Workforce:

·        Establishing the settings and generating the opportunities that ensure constant development for our personnel so that they can show their potential,

·        Forming a business culture where the administrator take up responsibilities related to the personnel’s development, while ensuring that the personnel’s performances are regularly monitored and supported,

·        Assessing the trainings required for the employees’ development and evaluating these while considering their needs.

These are the main responsibilities of Human Resources.

Developing Our Organization:

·        In order to maintain the continuity of our company’s success within the scope of its fundamental strategies, regularly monitoring the workforce, systems and processes and structuring these in line with the needs

is the priority of Human Resources.

Motivation and Increasing Loyalty:

·        Working towards forming and generalizing a structure that is participatory, transparent, innovative and that cherishes productivity,

·        Considering our personnel’s suggestions and expectations,

·        Constantly developing the approaches that will reinforce the commitment of our personnel to our company,

·        Ensuring a work atmosphere that is safe, healthy and where ethics values can be applied, while establishing a balance between work life and social life.

Are the duties of Human Resources.


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