İş Ortakları Toplantısı [EN]



Baby and Young Room breeze dealers met in Antalya Concorde Hotels . The dealer meeting for two days over sixty industry and manufacturing, sales and after-sales on the issues of education, and innovation briefing meeting was held .

Meltem Baby and Young Room General Manager Ali Fuat have done Rumble In his opening speech , infants and young rooms painted in Turkey in the production of furniture they do wish to bring the most ambitious investment grow even more , he said. In the meeting held for two days, dealers from all four corners of Turkey , the company's innovation and inform the outside is that they also benefit from the unique beauty of Antalya .

Meltem Baby and Young Room Assistant General Manager Euphrates Sars also dealership network in 2014 and 2015, more quickly will spread singing industry trends in furniture design , healthy and make life easier furniture producing continued on their way , he said.

At the meeting, the company received awards in the categories determined by the awards were distributed to dealers . On the evening of the second day, ending with a gala dinner on the night of urea in the Sea took the stage. Dealers and Mary Infant and Young Room farewell to Antalya employees were amused .


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