We have started our production activities in 1986, in an atelier. We had only one employee working. That atelier was the place that a real love story started and this love story is our tale.

The foundations of high quality products and high quality service concept were laid at that atelier. Every product that we manufactured had to be innovative. Each and every product we had produced should have reflected the spark of our love.

In order to gleam this sparkle now, we are more crowded. The whole production, franchise, logistics, sales and installation network comprises of thousands of people. We carry out our production activities in a total area of 30.000 square meters, of which 17.000 square meters is indoors and thus each year we continue to radiate more light. Each year we shine a little more than the year before.

Our brand Meltem Baby and Teenager Furniture Groups provides high quality living spaces for our children and youngsters. We establish more peaceful spaces while they prepare for life. We manufacture our products using healthy raw materials and healthy technologies so that a healthy future can be promised.

Since 2008, when we established the first and only automatic painting line for infant and teenager rooms in Turkey, we color our products that we paint without touching. This we do in order to enter the colorful worlds of our children with healthy options!

Meltem manufactures its products using its own strong machinery and high technology in every stage of production from the design stage until the products reach your living space. In each stage of production, we develop environment-friendly production policies. Our ultimate goal is to create a clean environment for our children.

We provide services with a wide network of franchises in order to make sure that our healthy products, which we design with authentic, top of the line, aesthetic products and perfect details, reach our children’s living spaces.

Since our exportation activities to many parts of the world, including and primarily Europe, North Africa, Middle East and Asia, have been awarded with a success award in 2012, the world is even smaller for us.

For long years during which we have pioneered several innovations and novelties, we design and manufacture healthy, chic and comfortable products for the younger generations without forgetting what we produce and for whom we manufacture these products.

We thought of everything for them.

Antibacterial, antiallergic, anticarcinogen...
Beds growing up with your baby…
We thought of everything for them.
Raise your child with reliable, elegant and quality furniture…
Products are guaranteed for 7 years